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Автоматическая линия по производству порошка специй

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Automatic Spices Powder Production Line Introduction

Using this spices processing line you get the spices powder as a product by processing the different types of whole spices. This is a fully automatic line, just feed the spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic flakes, etc. into the hopper and the whole process is done automatically. It includes a number of processes:

Flowchart for Spices Powder Line


Automatic Spices Powder Production Line include the spices coarse crusher, Spices mill, Spices powder sterilizing, Spices powder mixer, Spices powder vibration sieve, Spices powder vacuum conveyor system, Spices powder packing machine.

Spices Coarse Crusher

The spices crusher contains rotary blades that rotate at high speed, the spices are fed between the blades and cut into small pieces. This coarse crusher mainly crushes large-sized spices into small particles

Spices Milling Machine

Spices crushed by the coarse crusher are sent to the spice mill for the next step of crushing into fine powder. According to different crushed powder particle sizes, choose different spice grinders. If the powder particles are less than 100 mesh (100μm), a universal pulverizer (pin mill) can be used. If the powder particles need to be a very fine powder, such as 150-500 mesh (110μm - 25μm), it can be completed with a superfine pulverizer (air classifier mill).

Spice Milling Machine for 50-100mesh Powder

The universal pulverizer (also named as pin mill) uses the high-speed relative motion between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc to make the pulverized material crushed through the combined effects of tooth impact, friction, and spice impact. The structure of this machine is simple, strong, and stable, and the crushing effect is good. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber of the main machine, and the particle size can be obtained by replacing the mesh screen with different apertures. Because the particle size is determined by the sieve aperture, the minimum sieve aperture is 100 mesh, so the minimum powder can reach 100 mesh.

Spice Milling Machine for 50-100mesh Powder Video

Spice Milling Machine for 150-500mesh powder

The superfine pulverizer (air classifier mill) is a device that uses air separation, heavy pressure grinding, and shearing to achieve ultrafine pulverization of dry materials. It is composed of a cylindrical crushing chamber, grinding wheel, grinding rail, fan, material collection system, and so on. The material enters the cylindrical crushing chamber through the feeding port and is crushed and sheared by the grinding wheel moving in a circular motion along the grinding track to achieve crushing. The crushed material is taken out of the crushing chamber by the negative pressure airflow caused by the fan, enters the material collection system, is filtered by the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material and dust are collected, and the crushing is completed. Because the negative pressure of air is used to select the powder size, the minimum powder that is crushed by the ultrafine pulverizer can reach 400-500 mesh.

Spice Milling Machine for 150-500mesh powder Video

Spice Sterilizing

The sterilizer contains layers of conveyor belts, the product is passed through the UV rays to make sure that it is not contaminated with bacteria.

Spices Powder Mixer

Powder mixer in powdered spices to give it flavor. Powder mixers mix oils and other additives with flavor powders.

Spices Powder Mixer Video

Spices Vibration Sieving

A powder vibration sieve is used for sifting the powder to make sure there are no lumps and to get desired mesh size.

Spices Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyor is used to sending the powder from the vibration sieve into the packing machine, so there is no risk of spreading the spices powder in the air.

Spices Powder Packing Machine

The condiment powder packaging machine is mainly used for packaging spices into independent bags, such as 50 grams, 100 grams, etc.,


Spices Powder Process Line


Spices Powder Process Line

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