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Машина для сушки грануляторов приправ

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Seasoning granulating drying machine summary

The seasoning granulating drying machine is designed for producing high-quality seasoning essence with high sanitary standards and scientific production processes.

In order to meet customers' different demands, Hywell can offer different seasoning production machines with different specifications, thus allowing customers to construct seasoning production lines with different production flows.

In the past, many seasonings not only added a lot of plant spices to increase the flavor but also added sodium glutamate to enhance the freshness of the food. Of course, sodium glutamate is still used as the main condiment to enhance the freshness of food. As the quality of life is getting higher, people pay more attention to health, so the condiments also change accordingly. For example, our customers have also introduced new seasonings granules through our seasonings granulating line to enhance the freshness of food. The ingredients are as follows: edible salt, mushroom powder, carrot powder, seaweed powder, etc.

This article mainly introduces the seasoning granule production line, so this article on the seasoning granulating line will not give a detailed introduction to the spice powder production line at the front end of the seasoning granule production line. If you need to know about the auto seasoning powder production line, please refer to the detailed introduction of our company's seasoning powder production line.

Seasoning granulating drying machine Process Flow Sheet


Seasoning granulating drying machine line video 

Seasoning granulating drying machine introduction

There are many types of food spices granulator lines. But generally, the condiment granulating equipment lines are almost the same, all of which are composed of high-speed wet mixers, basket granulators, conveyor belts, granule dryers, granule vibration sieves, packaging machines, and granule pulverizers. According to a different capacity output, the equipment configuration of our spice granule production line is slightly different; the specific distinction is between small seasoning granule production line (output 200-300 kg/hour), medium and large output seasoning granule process line (500-2000 kg/hour).

1. Small seasoning granulating Drying production line (200Kg/H)

It is a small seasoning granules production machine with a production capacity of 200 kg per hour. It consists of a 30B Pin mill, GHJ high-shear wet mixer, ZL-300 rotary basket granulator or swing graulator, ZLG vibrating fluidized bed dryer or horizontal fluidized bed, and ZS series vibrating screen.

This condiment granule production line is convenient for transportation and installation. It requires less investment and a smaller factory and is an ideal choice for individual small factory users. In order to help users get familiar with how to operate the seasoning granules process line, Hywell can provide technical training, technical support, etc.

2. Small seasoning granulating Drying production line (500-2000Kg/H)

It is a large seasoning granule production machine with a production capacity of 500-2000 kg per hour.

Although the equipment is composed of a pin mill, wet mixer, rotary basket granulator, ZLG vibrating fluidized bed dryer or horizontal fluidized bed, and ZS series vibrating screen. According to different output and workshop spaces, our company designs detailed equipment configurations and workshop equipment layouts.

The condiment granule production line has a large investment and a large plant scale. It is an ideal choice for users of large factories and mature seasoning brand factories. In order to help users get familiar with how to operate the seasoning granule production line, our company can provide technical training, technical support, etc.

Seasoning granulating Drying Machine Line introduction

The food flavor granulating drying machine is highly advanced, using leading technology. It uses a mixer, wet-method granulator, continual producing dryer, separating sieve, and more. This line utilizes a continuous, enclosed production process and automatic feeding and discharging, in order to avoid any cross-contamination. Simultaneously, the food flavor granulating drying machine uses a composite-type heating system and a cooling system at the end of the drying chamber, so as to achieve the desired effect.

High shear mixer for wet mixer process

The seasoning material and the adhesive are fully mixed in a cylindrical container to form a wet soft material in very short time.

Basket granulator for granulating process

Through mechanical transmission, the grinding knife and the pressing blade rotate in opposite directions. The pressing blade forms a certain angle to press the material down into the grinding knife. The large-angle spiral blade on the grinding knife pushes the wet seasoning material to the wall of the sieve and then passes through the blade. Extrude the material from the sieve to form granules. The particle size of the seasoning can be changed by replacing the sieves with different apertures

Seasoning dryer for granules drying process

In fact, Seasoning granule dryers have many kinds of dryers to choose from, such as vibrating fluidized bed dryers, static fluidized bed dryers, and belt dryers. The above three kinds of seasoning granule dryers are hot air continuous dryers. Belt dryers maintain higher particle integrity compared to fluidized dryers.

Condiment Granules Vibration Sieving

A granules vibration sieve is used for sifting the granules to make sure there are no lumps and to get desired mesh size.

Spices Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is used to sending the granules from the vibration sieve into the packing machine.

Spices Granules Packing Machine

The powder packaging machine is mainly used for packaging spices into independent bags, such as 50 grams, 100 grams, etc.,

Technology Features of Food Flavor Granulating Drying Machine

1. The food flavor granulating drying machine offers continuous production, composed of formula mixing, granulating, continuous drying, finished-product classification sorting, and packing. It uses an enclosed production process in order to eliminate pollution by the production environment or any cross-contamination, which improves the environmental health requirements of the production of foodstuff and medicines.

2. The food flavor granulating drying machine uses a continual-motion, dynamic drying mechanism. It achieves high productivity with high thermal efficiency. The use of hot air percolation and circulation technology further reduces energy consumption.

3. According to customers' requirements, sieves of spices granulators are replaceable, and different sizes of products can be made.

4. With a special heating system, the drying equipment can offer heating temperature according to the material's moisture content, thus ensuring uniform water content of end products.

5. The food flavor granulating drying machine has temperature monitoring in each drying section.

6. This line uses an interlock system and excessive temperature alarm function, in order to avoid the potential safety hazard of violating operation and exceeding temperature, which insures safety in production.

7. The machines are all made of stainless steel to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Seasoning Granulating Drying Machine Line Application

seasoning granulating Drying Machine Line is suitable for granulation, drying and sieving of various granules such as chicken essence, fungus essence, mushroom powder, condiments, instant tea granules, ginger tea granules, solid drinks granulating machine etc.

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